Ciralight's Suntracker


Suntracker "Smart Skylights" use sun-tracking GPS technology and mirrors under the dome to track the sun throughout the day to bring high levels of diffused natural light into buildings.  Smart Skylights are entirely solar powered (no electrical hookup necessary) and allow businesses and schools to shut off electric lights for up to 10.hours a day.  Designed with two thermal barriers,  this helps trap the heat saving you money on cooling cost.  Smart Skylights provide the light of an 800 watt metal halide bulb but wtihout the heat gain of normal skylights.


Suntracker skylights is an advanced daylighting system thatcan significantly increase the amount of daylight directed into a single story commercial or industrial building over passive daylighting systems.

Many passive daylighting solutions don't use thermal barriers so they actually nullify any energy savings from lowered lighting costs because of solar heat gain. Electricity consumption increases by up to 4% for each degree a thermostat is set below 78 degrees in the cooling mode, so an effective daylighting system must not contribute any unwanted heat gain.

Other objections about daylighting, such as the initial cost of construction, minimal or slow payback (ROI) and sun glare are NOT an issue for Ciralight clients. Ciralight products produce diffused, comfortable, natural light that eliminates heat gain or loss as a result of the dead air space created by the two thermal barriers in the system.  Our products also effectively lower heating and cooling loads while maximizing the efficiency of internally load-dominated air conditioned buildings.

Ciralight "Smart Skylights" can provide the following:


  • 4 Years or less Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Reduce energy cost by 40% or more
  • Make your business Green
  • Increase retail sales
  • Improve Human Performance
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Increase student test scores
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